Search Engine Marketing & SEO

Every website I create includes Standard SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Standard SEO Includes:

  • As your web designer, I guide you through the creation of your text content. The more relevant content you can include on your website, the more important keywords we can include. Your site isn’t going to show up for your desired keywords without good content that includes them.
  • I set up a Google Web Master Tools account for your website and get it verified by Google. I submit an XML sitemap of your website to help Google index your pages. I also submit each and every link on your website to Google. The more pages Google indexes, the better chances your site has to show up for your desired keywords.
  • I also set up and install Google Analytics. This is a valuable tool that provides insight into how often visitors come to your site and what they do once they arrive.
  • I set up SEO meta tags including title tags, meta descriptions and keywords. The title tags and the meta descriptions are the text that show up when you see search results. It is important that these tags include keywords focusing on the content of each of your pages.

Expensive Monthly SEO Services – A Word Of Warning

You can definitely spend a lot of money (sometimes thousands of dollars per month) with “SEO Experts” in the industry who say they can guarantee a certain position in the search engines. I find this “guarantee” extremely misleading, and their services often fall flat.  No one should make this claim because no one actually has control over the way Google or any other search engine is going to place a website.

Here’s a common sense example…

Imagine there are 40 SEO Companies in New York City guaranteeing top placement, and each one of these companies has an attorney as a client.  It is simply impossible that each one of these companies can put their customer on top of Google for “New York Attorney”. So, don’t believe anyone who guarantees something like this, and make sure you read the fine print!

If you have a local business and a local user searches for your service industry, you have a good chance of showing up for your keywords if your content is well written and your site is indexed by the search engines. Your chance greatly improves if you add yourself to Google Maps, have social media (such as Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, Linked In, etc) and pay for Google Adwords. There are different factors in showing up and ranking well in the search engines. If you have a lot of competition in your industry (especially at the local level), it is going to be more difficult. It is also going to be extremely difficult to rank on the first page of Google if your services are nationwide and your business is in a competitive market.

In general, the more traffic that comes to your website from sources other than search engines, the better it will rank in the search engines.  Large companies don’t rely on Google alone. They have big advertising budgets and can drive visitors to their websites using expensive TV, radio and pay per click ads.  In tern, Google notices all the traffic coming to the large company’s website, assumes it must be valuable because many people are using it, and therefore places it higher in the search results.  For this reason, ranking high in competitive markets will be very difficult without a big advertising budget. You should never rely on Google alone to bring in customers.  I am here to guide you through the SEO process, offer realistic expectations and help you find ways to drive traffic besides search engines.

I suggest everyone interested in an SEO campaign start with the basics, which are included for no additional cost with all of my websites. From there, I offer fair and affordable monthly services to check the progress of your website and make improvements I feel will improve your results.